Sunday, August 10, 2008

Huey is Mr. Mom

Huey's got a new job! The Sweet-old-Appy sadly passed away last week. So there was a vacancy in the baby-sitter department. Huey has gladly accepted the position. Huey is being a happy homemaker with his two charges, Armani's young half-brothers. They are enjoying a very large pasture, with a willow tree and a fish pond. Sweet-old-Appy was laid to rest there, so I like to imagine she's watching over the family. Huey lets the boys play with him, as long as they are respectful. This afternoon, I caught them galloping around playing tag. If they get too far away he whinnies and they trot back. Perhaps Huey dreams he is a family band stallion, nurturing the younger generation?

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Grey Horse Matters said...

How sad about sweet old appy, but I'm sure she is watching over her family. What a pretty spot to be turned out for Huey and the gang, sounds like he is enjoying his new role. It should be fun watching the bunch of them interacting.