Monday, August 4, 2008

Huey's feeling better!

The vet visited Huey this morning. Huey's pasture mate is off the hook. The prognosis is an infected puncture wound from a twig, not a kick. Huey will take antibiotics to help clear up the infection. The vet suggested that I keep up the hot compresses, to see if it would draw out any of the infection. This evening I applied a hot washcloth and epsom salt again. A lot of smelly, yellow puss oozed out. I think that's a good thing. Better out than still in Huey? Huey's a very patient patient. He never complained. When I turned him back out in the pasture, he galloped and cavorted with his friend. I'm happy to see he's feeling well!

Armani and I had a very good ride today. We went down the road past lawn mowers, trucks dragging ATVs on trailers, and through a tent city set up by the neighbor's children. He was back to his usual self. When he senses something might be scary, he turns an ear back to me to ask, "Should I worry?". He was reassured by "It's OK, Armani." and a pat on the withers. Then we trotted around a field of tall grass. Our instructor recommended we do that to help him build up strength and coordination. He was game for that as well and whipped out that Morgan trot. Finally we went home where his supper and carrots were waiting.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to see there is good news all the way round today. Huey is on the mend and Armani is back to being a good boy. Have a great day.