Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My new trailer

My mother and I bought this used Hawk trailer. Ky Eliza of "Much ADO About Art Dolls" was the first to guess correctly.

It is a 2-horse, bumper-pull with ramp load and dressing room. We purchased it from a neighbor of my instructor, so it could not have been more convenient. It is well maintained and only lightly used.

The dressing room has saddle racks, bridle hooks, "rumber" floor, and "Abilene" tack trunk. The previous owner kindly left handy things for us, like a rug, stepping stool, and water jug.

She also left us hay nets - with old hay! Well, I'm kidding. Actually we had come by to buy it before she had time to clean it out. Maybe I'll use the old hay to line some plant beds. I hate wasting things.

The padding on the walls and bars is in good shape.

Here are the back windows and ramp. The windows all around the trailer have screens. So we could open the glass to vent but still have screens up.

We had been contemplating driving all the way to Connecticut to look at Hawk trailers. So I'm very glad we had the chance to buy this local one first. It's surprising to me that, in my area, used trailers are still selling quickly. You'd think given the economy that they'd be flooding the market. I heard on the grapevine that an hour after we bought the trailer, someone else I know was on his way to buy it.

Sadly though, I admit I've been so busy I haven't had time to take it for a real test drive. After dumping it in my mother's lawn, it hasn't budged in a couple of weeks.

Any advice for us and our new trailer?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My camera was found...

Photo of "Bottomless Pit" at Pike's Peak

Well after frantically stopping the washer, emptying my pockets (found 8 cents and some used tissues), reorganizing my tack trunk (my tail brush is STILL missing), cleaning out under the bed (found 4 missing socks), I still hadn't found the camera. I'd about given up hope of ever taking another photo again, ever.

My mother was over the next day. "I can't find my glasses! Can you check in your glove box?"

"I just barely went through it. Have you seen my camera? "

"No. I can't drive with out my glasses. I have to find them..."

Anyway, we dug around in our cars again. I had nearly filled a trash bag going through my husband's car when my mother shrieked, "I found them!"

My camera was found cavorting with her glasses in the bottomless pit that's located under the back bench seats of Mom's GMC pickup.

Anyway, someone has correctly guessed what my surprise "large purchase" was. So photos and updates on that, horse shows, and more shortly.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lost my camera or lost my marbles?

I've searched everywhere: the car, the barn, the basement. It now occurs to me that as I may have left the camera in my barn-coat pocket, which has already entered the spin-cycle.

On it were a ton of pictures of a number of interesting updates; including my "big purchase" I alluded to earlier.

I will go hunt for that camera... and if you see any marbles, please roll them my way.