Sunday, August 31, 2008

A day at the Fair

My husband and I visited his parents in Saint Albans. His father is a police officer and got a few free tickets to the Champlain Valley Fair. They asked us if we'd like a couple. "Ummm.. ehh.." said my husband.
"Oh, yes please. We'd love to go!", I said.
"Ok, if I can have fried dough.", he said.

When we arrived, we were conveniently parked next to the 4H horse show. "Only one class, I promise." We may have been the only non-parents in the crowd. I impressed my husband by predicting with high accuracy which youngsters and horses would receive ribbons. I also regaled him with stories of my 4H days.

"Ok, let's get going.", he insisted.

At the fair proper I gleefully walked my husband though ALL the agricultural and handcraft exhibits. I absorbed the nuances of the bonsais and flower arrangements, while my husband wondered when we'd get to a fried dough stand. I marveled at the labor that went into the quilts on exhibit. I nudged and winked at my husband over the giant zucchini.

I've been reading about keeping chickens. So next I eagerly marched us through the chicken barn. After the cows and sheep, I was wondering why there was no pig barn. However, we had run out of ag exhibits. We had $16 in our pockets. While I looked at each food stand to find the oddest thing I could eat (I selected a South African food stand), my husband finally got his fried dough.

Next weekend I'd like to go to the state fair in Rutland. I see the Mounties will be doing their Musical Ride!

And I'm sure there will be fried dough...


Anonymous said...

We 'lost' one of our chickens to a fox last night. It's a hard lesson to learn for 'new' chicken keepers like us.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a good time. Wish we had some country fairs around here. Your husband sounds typical, like mine, "let's go and find the food"!