Saturday, August 16, 2008

Horseless Friday (Oops make that Saturday) - a visit to our Humane Society

This is a day late and perhaps a dollar short. I missed doing my usual horseless post this Friday.

Mom and I had a nice ride with the boys today. After that I cleaned up at home, grabbed my devoted horse-husband, and we went to the Springfield Humane Society.

"There's only room for one on this blanket!"

My cat, Scout, who we call "Baby", made me promise not to bring anyone home. We have two cats, Scout and Sprite. Baby says she'd prefer to be the only cat in the house. She'd rather not have to share her bed, sunshine, and humans, and she occasionally has to remind Sprite.

So we visited the animal shelter to renew our membership and leave a donation. No new cats, I promise, Baby!

"Can I come home with you?"
My husband and I really liked "Ginger". She had a quiet, gentle sweetness. Maybe she wouldn't push Baby's buttons.
"Buttons already pushed! NO, Mom!"

"Hello, are your bookshelves a mess? Do you need any bookends?"

Well, let's see, there are so many more cats... Here are the twins, Marco and Matthew. The folks at the shelter call them the "Brat Brothers" because they love to run around together and get involved in everything.
"Oh, no. Don't even think it, Mom. Looks like double trouble to me!"

Ok, Baby. I promise, no cats stowed away in my purse. I was only visiting, I swear. Please let my cashmere sweater go. We'll just stick with visiting and fundraisers.

Baby and I will miss the Annual Paws Around Town Walk this year because I'll be at a horse show. But I'd love to bring Armani to the Freddy Pelland Memorial Ride.

If only I had my own horse trailer... Honey?


Grey Horse Matters said...

Such cute cats how did you ever leave them there. I'll bet your cat was happy that you did though. Good luck at the horse show.

A Bay Horse said...

Thanks! I know it's so hard to leave them! We have room in our hearts and home for more cats, but Baby is turning 12 and her health has never been perfect. We worry that another cat will stress her out too much. So we have to be content just to help out.