Monday, August 4, 2008

Photos from the beach

A plover hunts in tide pools. Perhaps a birder can tell me what species?

A seagull walks in the sea spray. It was a sunny day, but the breeze whipped up sea spray so thick we felt like we were swimming just by walking on the sand.
A Lion's Mane Jellyfish swims underwater. This one was about 5inches in diameter. We thought they were very beautiful to watch, like swimming flowers... as long as we didn't get too close.

Oops! My husband got too close.
A male Fiddler Crab fiddling away. Lucky for him he's too small for my supper!

We enjoyed walking on the beach after hours. There's only one thing wrong with this picture... no horses!

We watched the sunset over Long Beach Island's bay on our last day.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great beach pictures, love the sand and the sunset.

A Bay Horse said...

Thanks! I really need to practice taking better pictures. It's easier photographing a seagull than a horse. :) Seagulls don't try to check if the camera is edible.