Thursday, August 21, 2008

We jump a jump!

Today I jumped Armani over his first "official" jump. I'd been talking about jumping him for a while. He's actually very good at jumping... out of his pasture...

We were trotting poles today and all of the sudden I just decided, "Let's jump!" I dismounted and Armani helped me carry the standards over. Well he walked along and watched me carry them. It's very novel to watch your human do all the work for a change. I set up a small X rail with a ground line and a trotting pole. He nudged the X rails, "Why are these like this?"

I trotted him around it and finally over it. He perked up his ears. He sort of jumped and sort of took it in a stride. We did more dressage for a couple minutes. Then another jump. Repeat. He began looking hopefully at the jump every time we passed it."Can we do that? It's more fun than this dressage thing." I think he enjoys it!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I think they all enjoy jumping and a break in the action from dressage. He sounds like he will be a well rounded horse. All of our horses jump and do trails and dressage and hacking out in the fields, it's more fun for them and for us. Have fun.