Sunday, May 30, 2010

Quid pro quo

My husband and I are planning to start a family.

Quid pro quo
Years ago, I proposed an "agreement" with my husband that for every baby human I produce, I get another horse. Horse trading as child rearing. See won't the kid love me?

The planning stage is going slowly. Meanwhile, I'd been chomping at the bit to get the equine side of the contract fulfilled; window shopping for horses.

My husband took me out on a date on Friday. His birthday was coming up. But I love business negotiations. I'm the queen of used car shopping and yard sale haggling. So I couldn't wait anymore. After a few beers, I thought it was an opportune moment to bring our agreement back up.

"Armani doesn't count?" he asked.

"No - He is a preexisting equine. If you'd read the terms, you would recall that preexisting equines are specifically excluded from our contract."

I already have a horse in mind. Armani's half sister.  You may have read about her birth here.

She's since been given the barn name "Della". She is the last foal out of their dam by the same breeder. She shows all the evidence of being as spunky as her big brother. It was a golden opportunity I couldn't let slip by...

"Wouldn't it be fun? As much fun as Armani, but a mare. I always preferred mares."

My husband sipped his beer thoughtfully. "Hmm..."

"Well and you like cute girls, of course."


"Remember I bought a horse for your birthday a few years ago too. So we've already established a precedent..."


In the meantime, I've been visiting Della every day on my lunch break...

To be continued...

Trouble updating

I had trouble updating my blog. But I have a few stories saved up and am finally going to be publishing them now. Stay tuned....!