Monday, August 25, 2008

Tubby Time

Mom and I gave our boys a bath. As I predicted, Huey was already very familiar with bath time. The nice thing about off-the-track horses is they've seen a lot of vets, vehicles, and hoses. (On the flip side, trail riding in the great outdoors is a new experience.) After Huey was done Mom took him outside to dry in the sun.

Armani was afraid of hoses when I first got him. He tolerates baths now. But he is a little too fidgety for me to take a picture while washing. After he was done we joined Mom and Huey outside. She took this picture of me and the boys. This is probably the cleanest they'll be for a month or two...I'm holding both boys at once, with lush grass all around us. I can sympathize with one of those two headed turtles!

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