Friday, August 22, 2008

Horseless Friday: Berries!

I do a horseless post every Friday. This Friday my husband and I went berry picking in our backyard. Berries come in two types: yummy and yucky. We check our field guide so we can tell them apart!

Yummy berries

Raspberries grow by our pond.

Blackberries have been growing so profusely that we plan to brush hog this fall.We found 10 blueberry bushes when we moved in. I was so good not to eat any. This year we have twice as many. Still not as many as we'd like. I must resist the temptation!

Elderberries have a bitter, minty taste that isn't appreciated as much today. In the days of our great grandparents they were enjoyed as jelly, syrup, and wine. Maybe I should try using them in a recipe.
Yucky Berries

Nightshade is poisonous but pretty. They look like little tomatoes because they are the same family. But I still wouldn't eat them.
Bush Honeysuckle is invasive. It's listed some places as poisonous. I don't think the berries are very toxic because as a kid I dared my brother to eat a bunch. He is pretty normal today...
Baneberry is supposed to be quite toxic. However they are very beautiful.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love fresh blueberries, we used to pick them and blackberries as kids. It's a useful skill to know what's poisonous too. My grandmother used to take us picking mushrooms, but I would never trust myself to do it now. I'd probably kill everyone with the wrong ones.

Callie said...

Oh gosh, That's a lot of different berries around your place. I used to have rasberries, but those have disappeared. I still have black rasberries, though.