Thursday, July 3, 2008

What's wrong with grand-horses?

I'm doing a quick update for today. We'll be headed out of town to my husband's family's for the 4th and for his sister's baby shower. Inevitably, I'll be hearing more and more of the usual "So when is it your turn?" questions. Don't these people understand how busy (self-centered)I am with work and horses, and how I couldn't possibly sacrifice any time to raise a mini-human being, who knowing my husband (and myself) would be a serious handful?

After we went for a morning trail ride, my mother was thrilled to help me pick out baby clothes for the shower. And she made a point of telling every sales lady how the clothes were only for her daughter's sister-in-law, because "All my daughter gives me are grand-cats and grand-horses *sniff*." To which, each one nodded understandingly and asked me, "So when is it your turn?"

What's wrong with grand-horses?


Pony Girl said...

Hee hee! This was cute. I should try that with my mom. She jokes how she will never have grandchildren. I'll tell her she has a grand-horse! Maybe I should register for some gifts!? ;)

Derby said...

Nothing is wrong with grandcats or grandhorses!