Friday, July 11, 2008

Horseless Friday: Newborn fawn

Every Friday I do a post on a non-horsey topic. This Friday I'm posting pictures of a doe and her fawn, born in our backyard! We missed the birth itself, but we noticed mom and baby behind our porch as the sun was coming up. Mom is part of a small herd of 8 does that live behind our house. Or considering they were here when we moved in two years ago, perhaps we live in their front yard? Each dawn they head out and return at dusk and go to sleep in a thicket. We see bucks come by often during their season. So we were very excited to see this newest member of the family. Mommy was nervous so we shot the pictures from our master bathroom window, rather than trying to approach. You'll need to click to view the photos full size to see the fawn.

Here is cute web page geared for kids interested in learning about deer.

A little head peeps out.

The doe cleans her fawn.

The fawn tries to stand up.

The fawn begins nursing.


Mrs Mom said...

Great pics of the new fawn!

Found you through Grey Horse Matters, thought I would pop in and see. Gotta love those bays, ya know ;)

Welcome to the equin-blogosphere! Glad you are here with us!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Awww, now that's just as cute as can be. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, comments are always appreciated.