Saturday, July 19, 2008

D&D Horse and Tack in Springfield VT closing

I have not officially confirmed this, but the rumor is that D&D Horse and Tack in Springfield, Vermont will be closing. They will be having a sale starting August 1. So this is a "heads up" if you are in the area.

I'm sad to see them go. But I guess it may be hard to compete with the internet on prices and inventory. It was nice having a nearby tack store for quick things. They ordered a Kieffer bridle overnight for me when mine broke before a show. They were the only tack shop I'd seen with certain used items like boots and a huge selection of used blankets. My Armani is a small size, so there was always something in his size that I'm guessing someone had outgrown. I also enjoyed reading the local horse related advertisements that papered the walls. How can the internet replace that? There are hundreds of online classified databases, who has time to check them all? There was only one local tack shop to hang a flier in. Small town service is hard to put a price on.

How is the tack shop situation in your area?

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