Thursday, July 17, 2008

checking in

We were out of town due to an unexpected passing in my husband's family. Yesterday I rode Armani, who I hadn't seen in almost a week. We worked on walk-canter transitions, which he had just learned in his lesson last week. He did the transition, with no trot strides, on only the second try in both directions. I was very proud of him. Our instructor recommended he start practicing walk-canter and backing up, in addition to the lateral work he's already started, in order to encourage him to strengthen his hind-end. After our ride, Armani was horrified to discover his dinner was waiting for him, in the middle of a tarp! As you well know, voracious tarps have been reported to swallow horses, their dinners, and small towns without remorse. He wasn't sure how his dinner walked over there, but it wouldn't get off the tarp. So he resigned himself to his fate, and stood on the tarp to eat.

Anyway, we're back!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Very funny, Armani must have thought that was a mean trick to put his dinner on the tarp.