Friday, July 4, 2008

Horseless Friday: Nail care

I'm doing a horseless post every Friday. This will probably be my last post until I'm back on Monday. This Friday I'll share some quick tips on keeping your nails looking pretty.

Do these look like the nails of a horse woman? I try not to bring the barn to my job. No muck boots in the office (except during a couple of blizzards... I don't think anyone could smell them...?) and I try to get the dirt out of my nails.

1. Treat your nails like teeth. Save an old toothbrush. Use that with a bit of tooth paste to scrub the cuticle and under the nail. You can even get stubborn grim out of your knuckles.

2. Massage in some moisturizer. Get it into the nail, nail bed, and your hands. I've found the toothpaste can be pretty drying and can make my nails feel brittle.

Now those are the toes of a horse woman! My horse has stepped on my right big toe at least 3 times in as many months. My nail was split in half. I've cut the sticky part off of a bandaid and adhered it directly to the nail. It's flesh colored, so it isn't too noticeable and it's held the nail together as it grows out. I replace the bandaid every so often. I think I'll put some nail polish on when I wear sandals.

Enjoy your weekend!

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