Sunday, July 20, 2008

Huey's new hat

Mom and I had great rides today. She started on her Huey and I started on my Armani. She bought Huey a new "Huey Hat" yesterday. She likes to coordinate his outfits. See how his saddle pad matches his fly bonnet? I assure you, that was no accident. That was the result of at least 20 minutes of careful consideration of shades and Huey's complexion's color palate.

After we rode our own horses we switched because mom had expressed interest in trying Armani and because I need to spend more time working with Huey on balancing at the canter. "Wow", mom exclaimed, "He is sooo comfortable. And I just have to think and he does what I want!" I was very proud of my little boy. He trotted around smartly for mom and even seemed to be showing off his stuff a little. Huey did much better cantering in his "bad direction" (he was a race horse). We took the boys outside the ring for a little hop through the fields. They both marched right along and Armani only tried once to snatch a grassy morsel. What a great ride!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Maybe it's a Mom thing, but I always coordinate the colors on my horses, with pads, hats, wraps etc... My daughter thinks I am slightly crazy, but it makes me feel better if everything matches.
Sounds like you both had a nice day.

A Bay Horse said...

Thanks! I bet you are right. :) Mom used to dress me up in matching everything, once upon a time.