Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two horses are better than one

Today I got the the barn late after work. But I had a happy evening riding both Armani and Huey. I do double duty a few days a week. Some times I have to step back and remember how lucky I am to do this. Just riding one horse is a real privilege and riding two is just an incredible luxury. Sometimes I feel like I could ride horses all day, if I had the time and the money. Oh those are just minor details.

I feel that riding more than one horse has improved my riding and understanding of horses more quickly than riding just one. I've figured out a few nuggets along the way, like riding the short one first makes the tall one seem a lot taller. But on the other hand riding the tall one first makes the short one feel like a Ferrari.

But the differences between the two make me appreciate the qualities of each. Huey has more "go" and more forward swing than Armani. Armani has more collection and lateral movement. Huey is more reserved and instinctive, while Armani is boisterous and fun loving. Huey is more passive, but Armani's respect has to be earned. Armani is more inclined to argue than Huey, who is more inclined to give-in when pressured.

I suggest to you, that you may enjoy riding another horse now and then too. You may find your riding improves and you will find you know your own horse's personality better by getting to know another horse. Try taking some lessons on another horse, or borrowing a good friend's for a few rides. And remember how lucky you are to enjoy the privilege of riding.

And tell your horse it's not really "cheating" because you and the new horse are just going out "as friends". (Armani still doesn't believe me about that.)

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