Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Blogging Space

I was reading another horse blog and saw that someone had started a "My Blogging Space" theme of posts. Here are a few entries that others have written:

* Pony Girl

* Grey Horse

...What about yours?

My Blogging Space

That's Baby, my cat, blogging away at my laptop. You first read about her on last Friday's post. Baby is always either sitting behind me on the floor, or on the table, or right on my keyboard. So if you are reading this blog thinking, "Sheesh, my cat could have written this!", now you know our secret.

My laptop is upstairs in our loft. I originally started this blog in the basement study, but outdoor horsey people don't thrive creatively in the dank, darkness. The loft has natural light and lots of air. Plus I think Baby enjoys watching birds through the windows when she isn't helping me type.

My husband and I just got married last year. Our families have been very generous helping us feather our nest. So as you can see our furniture is hand-me-down in an interesting and eclectic color palate, and our decor is sparse. But that leaves more room for house plants! (another of my hobbies) Isn't my 7ft tall Yucca impressive? Now as I'm looking, there is a lot of space above that sliding glass door. I better start growing some hanging baskets!

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Pony Girl said...

Your space looks great! I love the loft. It looks like you have a great assistant, too! ;)
Thanks for sharing!