Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The incredible growing Huey

We just sticked Huey for the first time since he arrived in April. In April he sticked just a hair below 15.3hh. Today he sticked at a hair above 16hh. We used the same stick, same shoes, same concrete floor. He has definitely grown. There's magic beans in that there field. If I find the one he's been munching, I'll plant some in the garden and climb up over the rainbow, find Dennis Kucinich, say "Look, behind you! Darth Cheney!" and steal his pot-o-gold.

Anyway, I also rode Huey out and around the fields today. He stopped a few times to look at imaginary boogy-monsters (he knows they're out there!), but he responded to my encouragement and did very, very well.
Do you recognize this horse? He seems to be much too nice a guy for someone not to remember him.

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