Sunday, July 5, 2009

Show Report: GMHA June Show - Friday

Do something often enough and it starts to become second nature. So with considerably less trepidation than our first show, I entered my first recognized show - ever: The June Dressage show at GMHA

Among the other things I had to contend with:
- I promised to play "groom" for my instructor.
- My horsey friend from Connecticut was visiting.
- My mother was also planning to come watch.
- My husband had gone to his parents'.
- I was overworked and did not have a lot of ride-time that week.

Photo Caption: Armani and I ford the river on the way to our class.

Friday: we misplace our girth and ourselves

Friday we arrive with my instructor, who was showing 2 other horses that day. We were forced to park all the way across the grounds from our stall. I checked in and got directions. I found what I thought was my stall empty. I settled Armani in. Funny - no one delivered my shavings yet. I ran back to the show office and asked for some to be delivered. Then I hustled to help my instructor. After her classes, I had an hour to prepare for mine.

I ran back. Still no shavings. I asked to have more delivered. And I'd forgotten my girth. I ran across the grounds to her trailer, got the girth, and returned. When I was all tacked and about to depart a lady walked up to us.

"That's my stall!"

"I'm sorry." I said "But this is where I was directed. Perhaps there was a mix-up?"

"You're coming with me to the show office, now!"

Now normally I'm a pretty affable competitor, but I was standing there in my finery, half-way out of the door. It should have been pretty obvious that I was going to ride. "I'm going to my class now. I'm sorry. You'll have to go to the office on your own. Talk to (so-and-so) and tell them (me) sent you. I'll stop by the office afterward. Now please excuse us."

We tried a new thing for us: Dressage Equitation. The junior and senior classes and been combined. I chatted with a nice junior rider. Her Morgan was poised and quiet. Armani was high as a kite.
"She's only 5!" the young lady told me.
"Oh." I said. "Wow... Mine is 7..."

I thought we did well enough. But we placed 4th out of 4. But I was happy to have survived without tasting the dirt. My instructor was heading out. I loaded my stuff into my car. Then I drove back to the office.

We had taken the wrong stall. But the manager had set the lady up with the stall we were supposed to have. Well no harm done. I hope she enjoyed her 2 free bags of shavings.

By the time I unpacked and settled him in it was 8pm. As I left, I passed 6 ladies at the end of an isle sharing wine and laughing. "Now you ladies are doing things right!" I laughed as I headed out for the night...

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I like the picture of you crossing the river on your way to class. Don't you just love it when the jr. riders horse is younger and better behaved than your older horse. Glad you did well in your class, and I'll be waiting to hear how the rest of the show went. At least you didn't have to play musical stalls with that woman.

SprinklerBandit said...

Sounds like fun. I'm still waiting for the "more pictures", though. ;-)