Monday, March 15, 2010

When pigs fly

We're having some rough weather up here. The wind has been whipping, driving rain with it. And Armani has continued to challenge me. I joke about his "stomping and snorting" like a rhinoceros.

On Saturday, we went on a trail ride with friends. Armani snorted and bounced with defiance.

As we got half way around our loop, the other horses began acting nervous. They appeared scared of a patch of woods. This patch has been known to unnerve horses - why I'll never know. Feeling bold, I pushed Armani forward, as did another rider on her mount.

Suddenly that horse spooked and bolted into us. I felt her stirrup hook around my ankle. Armani threw his head up and jumped. But I was yanked out of my saddle by the other, taller horse, as he sped away. Fortunately my foot got free.
But I was in thin air.

I had just a split second to think "I'm coming off between two horses, must not land under either one." I rolled. I managed to avoid getting tromped on too much.

I looked up. Armani had stopped a short distance away and was staring at me as if to say, "WTF are you doing down there?" The other horses had stopped and one rider dismounted and grabbed Armani.

I was all ready to say, "I'm ok! Everyone good?" but I found my right lung felt like a flat tire. I heaved. No air would come in. I waved. One of my friends came over and slapped my back. I managed to gasp in some air. Finally I was able to insist I was "Ok" and that "nothing feels broken".

I remounted and we rode home. Armani wasn't the least bit sorry, naturally. He continued to "stomp and snort" for the whole mile and a half home.

I had a lesson scheduled the next day. My ribs and my ankle were sore. I had whiplash in my neck. Funny - I don't have any idea how I pulled my neck.

My instructor asked if I had come off of Armani before. "No." I said. "He's fallen down on top of me before. But my legs were still around him. So that doesn't count!"

"Well there is a first time for everything. Hope you are happy!"

"Yeah!" I said.


Grey Horse Matters said...

That's a dangerous situation. I'm glad you weren't hurt badly. There must be some really scary monsters in that patch of woods.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

What a freak accident. How did your friend know to slap you on the back? I guess you were probably heaving for air.

Breathe said...

Very scary! Time to desensitize that part of the trail... Maybe some ground lunging? Or better yet, a cookie stop?

Glad you're okay.