Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Humble pie

I had sworn my friends to secrecy over our little accident on Saturday.
Armani was full of vitriol again on Sunday. 

My husband was at his parents over the weekend. He was due back Sunday for dinner. Hmm... I couldn't tell him could I?
Now I don't ever feel guilty... Not me. Ever.

I hurried home from the barn. I cleaned up the house. I showered and put on a cute outfit. I made a nice dinner and lit candles. I even made an apple pie.

My husband walked in.

"So, what did you do wrong?"

I admit I confessed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

You're very cute.

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't feely guilty when I come off a horse.......sore maybe, but no guilt. I want to soak my body in a tub of hot water and have people wait on me. Last thing I'd be doing is baking pie to cover it up. LOL

Jackie said...

I had a good laugh over this one. I grew up riding with my mom, and any time she fell or got hurt she'd tell us not to tell our non-horsey dad. First thing she did when she got home? Ratted herself out.

I've discovered I'm the same way with my not-so-horsey husband. He's sweet and always tells me to "be safe" as I head out to the barn. Of course, if I do fall off he doesn't pitch a fit as long as I was wearing my helmet. :)

info said...

ah ha- i still feed treats by hand but wasn't paying attention and my colt bit down - really HARD on my middle finder, which immed. got a red line through the nail and big mark over most of the nail and started swelling and throbbing - well, i don't usually buy things that sound phoney, like 'Zero Point Technology Wand" but a guy fixed my old (horsie)smashed wrist with one and so got one & i had mine on hand- it TOTALLY stopped the pain and swelling-and healed it super fast. i've used it on abuse case horses and my older horses swollen jaw after he got a bad float job, it's really great to have around, i have NO idea how it works but it does (tendonitis, you name it)