Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mom's birthday

Today was my mother's birthday. But I shouldn't say which. Anyway, we planned to ride and then I'd make dinner at my house.

"Hi, Mom. Happy Birthday. Are we still getting together tonight?"

"Uuuuhhhh.... I'm... siiiiiiiick...."

"You're sick...? Did you catch the flu?"

"I've got to go, Honey.... (Burp)... Bathroom..." *click*

So much for our plans.
"I have a lot to do at work. I can't catch swine flu..."
What's a daughter to do? Same thing I do any time life presents a quandary...

I went to the barn. I pulled Huey out and rode. Then after I got him untacked, Huey put on his "treat face".

"Wait here, Huey. I have an idea." I got his treat. And my phone.

"Hi Mom."


"Huey got the phone. He said he had to call you to say, Happy Birthday. Here he is." I held it up to Huey's ear and gave him his treat.


"Mom, don't make him deaf."

Huey looked puzzled. He turned his head sideways. He nickered quietly in his throat as he inhaled his treats. I suppose that is horse for "Happy Birthday."


Anonymous said...

Very cute! Hope your mom feels better soon!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Huey is adorable and such a good boy. Happy Birthday to mom and a wish for a speedy recovery.

phaedra96 said...

Happy Birthday, Mom! What a nice daughter you are to ride her horse for her and then let him say "Happy Birthday". I love it that he was rather puzzled as to Mom's whereabouts when he could hear her! That is too funny!

mackyton said...

Interesting share on your mom’s birthday. I am pleased to read the write-up. Well, I also have to celebrate my mom’s 59th birthday in royal style so have just booked one of the best LA venues. Do you have any suggestions for DIY d├ęcor and food?