Thursday, March 12, 2009


"Want to move to Key West?"

"Hmm?" My husband woke up.

"It's a canal front, gutted, fixer upper. Bank owned. I'll go put a bid on it, just say the word."

"Huh?" he rolled over. "What is?"

"The house is. I have family there you know. Well it's on Saddlebunch Keys actually. 75 by 75 lot. I saw it online today on my lunch break."

"What about horses?" he asked. I rolled over and sighed. "What's wrong?" I made grumbling noises in protest until he pressed me further.

"I don't know... Sometimes... Sometimes I think it'd be easier without them", I added, "I mean on you."

"I don't mind. And you'd be sad without them."

"Well and sometimes... Sometimes I... I get... worried. About..."


"About... riding, showing. All that time I spend. And money. But..."


"You know... I never... admit when I'm... scared. What if I fail? Maybe it'd be better to go to Key West. We could get a great deal on that house and fix it up." My husband made a grunt of disbelief. "Well... I could sit on the beach, drink margaritas while you fix it up. Anyway, maybe it'd be easier. We could get easier jobs, live for the moment, forget horses." I paused. "I want to succeed. But maybe it'd be easier if I don't even try."

"Of course you are going to succeed." He said with certainty.

"I am? How do you know?"

"You take horses seriously. It is more than just a hobby. "

"Ya, I guess." I said.

"All I heard about in college was 'horses this' and 'horses that'. You ride every day. You take lots of lessons. You are always at the barn. You have a high level instructor," my normally non-communicative husband explained, "and a lot of friends. Weren't you just telling me how good your horses are? Other people are always trying to buy them." Yes, I've been known to tell tall-tales, I thought. But he continued, "You are completely set up to succeed. I know you will. You are the bravest person I know. I believe in you." He sounded completely serious.

"Oh?" I said more brightly. I was suddenly glad I brought it up.

He gave me a hug and yawned. "But success will have to wait. Right now I'd like to get to sleep."

Key West will have to wait too, I thought.


wilsonc said...

The writing just draws you in...I think your good at more than horses. Glad I found your blog.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm sure wherever you decide to live, there will always be horses in your life.

Sophie said...

Your blog is genius! There will always be horses wherever I am!