Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Equestrian ambassadors

The barn we board at is located in an upper-income second home neighborhood. I'm a bit out classed. But who would know that? I enjoy playing lady of the manor. On nice afternoons I ride down the road and through the fields. I royally wave at everyone who drives past. I admire neighbors' flower gardens. I greet joggers, dog walkers, and stroller pushers and chat about the lovely weather. I imagine Mr. Darcy might ride over the hill at any moment.

Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley ride over a hill. Cute stallions! And the horses aren't bad either! Eh hem, where was I?

It may sound pretentious, but I don't believe it is. I honestly enjoy socializing and the horses enjoy a break from "the usual". I also feel it is an important mission. The closest most people ever get to a horse is passing one on the road. My mount and I are "Equestrian Ambassadors". Most of the neighbors have given permission to the boarders to ride on their land. So I know that good stewardship necessary. I say "most" of the neighbors because there is always that one. Next post... meet the "Bumpuses".

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I think your doing a wonderful job as an Equestrian Ambassador. Like you say most people never see a horse up close and personal and only think of them as something from a movie set. The more unriders get to know horses the better for the horse community.