Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Huey is as Huey does

Huey and I also went out in the snow on Sunday afternoon, after Armani and I.

As a rather ugly Quarter Horse in a stable of gorgeous warmbloods, Huey is a daisy in a field of orchids. However, he's got a very attractive disposition. Not only is Huey a good babysitter but he's also a good riding companion for young or fizzy horses. I've wondered if he might have been a track pony after his racing career was over.

We went out with my instructor and a fizzy warmblood she's working with. Fizzy behaved remarkably well for himself. But he let out a couple of frisky hops in the deep snow. Huey eyed Fizzy suspiciously, but continued to plod sedately by his side. I patted my ugly Quarter Horse.

"Huey doesn't look handsome, but he does handsomely." I laughed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I think Huey is adorable AND handsome. The quarter horses I've had and have are all wonderful on trails and they just listen better on the whole than any other breeds. My warmbloods are spooky, not the QH's. I once had a motorcycle gang of at least 70 pass us while riding Blue and he never batted an eye. Had I been riding one of the others, who knows where I would have wound up.

Reddunappy said...

LOL I love"fizzy" so perfect LOL

A Bay Horse said...

Wow Grey Horse, that's incredible! Blue sounds great.

Lol. I have to admit that "Fizzy" is an alias. I try not to use people's and horse's real names without their permission. It should be his name. It really fits him. :)