Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The crazy before the storm?

Today it is windy and snowy outside. It is the first real snow we've had this year. We had some light snows that did not stick too much. It is unusual for it to wait until this late in the season to begin snowing in earnest.

When I rode Armani yesterday he was very reactive and spooky. I was able to bring his focus back on me, although it felt like I just had a fingertip hold on it. When I felt like he had been making a real effort for a while I dismounted. He stood obediently, but his eyes were rolling back and forth with every sound. I stroked his neck quietly and he sighed. After my ride, my instructor asked if he'd been spooky too. "Too?" I asked. She'd ridden two horses already that morning. Both of them were uncharacteristically high-strung.

I've occasionally wondered about animals' reaction to seasonal and weather changes. Do they feel the pressure dropping, a change in temperature or the wind? I've heard other horsemen and women mention "fall-fever" and "spring-fever". I've experienced plenty of anecdotal evidence myself. Care to share your own experiences?

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Looks like winter is here to stay today...


SolitaireMare said...

LOL, you too? My old boy likes to bring out the spook'n'scoot maneuver as soon as the season changes to cold!

I even posted a lengthy missive on my blog about horses and cold weather on my blog:


Stop by and check it out if you haven't already and I really recommend those super grippy full seat breeches for winter riding! (I love mine!)

Julia said...

I think the occasional gust of wind between the tail or the blowing of any assortment of debris may make horses spooky, but as a rule I don't think weather alone is spooky stuff. I can see my horses out in their fields from my house and left to their own they do nothing different when the weather changes. Maybe they are just picking up nerves from riders who are anticipating unusual spookiness from their horses. Nice to find a horsie blog and a dressage one at that. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

My horse used to really act up in the wind and cold.He was spooky to begin with, but add the winter elements and it was always an interesting ride to say the least. I think the animals know when there is going to be a change in the weather and react accordingly.