Friday, April 30, 2010

My thumb is not a carrot

So I recall when I was little in 4H, they taught us very carefully how to feed treats. We wouldn't want our ponies mistaking little fingers for carrots.

Yes - I know many do not advocate hand-feeding a horse. They have good reasons I'm sure. But I do it anyway. I'm stubborn.

So I was handing Armani a carrot while talking to someone behind me. I turned around and wasn't paying attention. I had my thumb over the carrot. Woops - stupid mistake.


I yell, "OW Armani! That is my thumb!"

Armani looked perplexed. He held on tightly to the pink carrot. The pink carrot splurted blood everywhere. Armani backed away. "Mommy wants to take my carrot!"

"OW! BAD!" I poked my left thumb into the corner of his mouth. He released the pink carrot. Then Armani gave me a "Huh? what?" look.

"Armani, can't you tell the difference? Carrots don't squirt blood!" Most of the flesh was torn off of the knuckle. Of course I didn't visit the doctor. I just smooshed the flesh back in place. Then I taped my thumb up to immobilize it for a couple of weeks.

It has healed pretty nicely actually.

It isn't the first time Armani has mistaken something for a carrot or the first time I've done something dumb.


Dunappy said...

OH owwie! My latest horse injury was only a partly quicked fingernail. Yours looks far more painful.

Breathe said...

I'm a treater too. We are a brave lot, aren't we?

Glad you healed up...

Daisy said...

AAAAIIIIEEEEE! I'm glad your thumb got all better. It looks hurty!

Suzanne said...

your blog is great! i have never seen it before but i noticed it on several people's blogroll! thanks!

Grey Horse Matters said...

My horses live for treats, but I'll take heed and watch out for those pink carrots from now on. OUCH!!!

D. Ward said...

Oh yikes!

I never trained or really fed treats a lot because it can get a horse really spoiled, mouthy etc... Of course treats are an awesome thing...myabe just dangerous or should be used with caution? IDK.

Hope it heals up!

Ron Krajewski said...

Ouch. I am a hand feeder too, but now I am thinking twice about it.

Kalin said...

I always feed my horse treats, but I'm very specific on which horse I give treats to..obviously my amazing horse could slip up and bite me, but I always feed them in the palm of my hand with my hand flats so he really can't bite me, and he always licks it off softly. My guy is a gentle giant and refuses to bite it off and always licks, plus I think when he was a lesson horse he was trained to do that gentler way of taking it so when kids gave him treats after the end of a lesson they didn't get snapped at... :)) We are rebels! :D,