Thursday, February 4, 2010

Training: Backwards square exercise

Backwards Square

This new exercise is for strengthening the hind quarters and back.

Begin in a trot (or walk).
Walk then halt and do a quarter turn on the forhand.
Back up 5 steps.
Do another quarter turn on the forhand.
Back up 5 steps.
Continue until you are back on the rail.

There are no rules. You can mix up the directions of the turns and make other shapes besides squares, changes of rein, whatever you like.

My instructor suggested we'd get more benefit if we back uphill. This can also be done as a ground work exercise.


horseinfo01 said...

this is a very good post... are there any other exercises?

Grey Horse Matters said...

looks like it's worth trying, thanks for the exercises

SprinklerBandit said...

I like this. I'll try it next time I'm out. Thanks!

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Julie said...

Cool idea...

Enjoyed visiting your blog!

wilsonc said...

I'm going to try this myself tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Love this! I am always looking for strengthening exercises, and you never disappoint!

Denali said...

I like this post.

I just found your blog, and haven't had time to read your whole blog, did you ever see your boy Huey's race videos? I'd assume you have access to those, but if you'd like to see them let me know. :)