Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at 2009

I look back at 2009 and form New Year's Resolutions 2010.

  1. 1. Learn finesse.
  2. 2. Make more friends.
  3. 3. Keep secrets.
  4. 4. Take time to smell the roses.
  5. 5. Be kind to others.
  6. 6. Spend wisely.
  7. 7. Enjoy the weather.
  8. 8. Keep my sense of humor.
  9. 9. Pamper myself more. Wait I mean the horses...
  10. 10. When my husband says "No more horses", get more cats.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy New Year to you and your family and critters. Good list of resolutions, I never make them because I never keep them!

Kate said...

Happy New Year and may 2010 be a good year for you!

Petra said...

Happy New Year! This one will be the best yet. :o)

Daisy said...

I am FOR getting more cats! ;)

Terry said...

Just rode by to wish you all the very best in 2010 .
I like your goals :)
May you all have a fabulous year filled with good health,happiness,accomplishments and may you see many little miracles happen each day.
Big Texas Hugs

allaroundhorses said...

Happy new year! Looks like a great list of new years resolutions...I decided no new years resolutions for me this year :).