Thursday, August 6, 2009

New saddle?

I got Armani when he was coming 5. He was 14.3hh. Last week he turned 7. I remeasured him. He is convinced the stick will bite, so it's hard to get him to stand straight. But he is nearly 15.1hh barefoot. He's also gotten a good deal broader and stronger.

Before and after pics from last year. He's even grown since then, so compare to these pics from this year.

His saddle is the Windsor "Greenline" I bought for him originally. We've had it reflocked twice too. But over time it hasn't been sitting as well. At this point, I think the tree no longer fits. My instructor has been pressuring me to buy a new saddle. She says it is tipping me. Yes, I could have the tree tinkered with some. Or...

She owns a Windsor "Olympian". I've tried it a few times now. (After I practically had to pry it off of her! She loves this saddle so much you'd think it were George Clooney she was riding.) I love how I sit in the saddle. The seat is softer than mine. It has more substance in the pommel area, in front of my seat. Hartmeyer Saddlery is the only place that imports the "Olympian".

Armani's opinion

Armani loves air flocking. BUT - neither of these saddles come with air. The only companies I've been able to find with air flocking are Wintec/Bates ("Cair" is standard) and Schleese ("Flair" is an option).

I tried every dressage saddle in the Wintec/Bates brand. I did not like a single one. Though I do own one for jumping. I'd like to try a Schleese "Link", but no one sells Schleese near me. And I cannot find a used one with air flocking in my area.

What I'm thinking

I'm going to make some phone calls. I want to order a Windsor "Olympian". Then I'm hoping Anthony Cooper can install Flair in it. He installed Flair in a Windsor "Elite" for a friend. Afterward my old "Greenline" will go up for sale. More or less both saddles cost the same new. So if I can sell my "Greenline" for a fair used price, I won't have lost too much money on the deal.

Good idea? Sound crazy? I'll post more once I make some calls and see what the various sales people say.


Golden the Pony Girl said...

If it has already been done before by a friend sounds absolutely realistic to me though I never would have come up with such a creative solution to age old saddle fit problem! Dressage saddle seem to keep their value well so you should get a good price for it.

Grey Horse Matters said...

New saddles are always a hard decision, there are so many to choose from. I guess you've got to go with your gut reaction and get one that fits you and the horse and make sure you're both comfortable with what you choose. I've got an Albion dressage, all purpose and jumping and I really like them all very much.

Molly said...

I have a REALLY NICE Windsor Olympian up for sale on eBay! Here is a link to it, if you are interested or know anyone who might be--can call me, too. Thanks! (847) 338-6415