Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Riding on the beach?

The sun, the surf..

The mud...?
I have always wanted to ride on the beach. A remnant of Hurricane Bill swept over Vermont the other day. It made a little "ocean" right here in the outdoor dressage arena. But it was a good opportunity to practice riding in water with Armani. I tried to hear the sea gulls and imagined margaritas were awaiting us.

The "deep end" of the pool was about 6 inches. Surprisingly, Armani didn't fuss as much as I thought he would. After our workout, we made a detour through a swollen stream. That washed some of the mud off of his legs. But his belly and my face were still covered. We both required showers. Don't people flock to spas for this treatment?

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SprinklerBandit said...

Nothing like a good storm. My OTTB would go through water like it was nothing, which was fabulous for eventing. My warmblood/tb mare doesn't think water is all that good of an idea. I'm glad Armani fits into the first category.