Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I installed the easy button

Last night I gave someone the reins to my horse. That is like giving them the keys to my car. I worry they'll see the wrappers under the seat and notice the brakes are a little squishy. A young lady who works at the barn is currently horseless. I offered to let her try Armani, "If you want...", I said. She didn't reply until my mother chirped, "Oh yes, you should try Armani!"

I watched them trot and canter around the ring. Armani zipped like a little brown Corvette. I was anxiously awaiting her opinion. I blurted "What do you think?" as they went past.

"He's so easy to ride!", she exclaimed. It wasn't the response I expected. When I got Armani a couple of years ago he was a pint-sized youngster with Napoleon syndrome. I'd heard his previous owners had been unhappy with his spunk. He'd been sent to various trainers without success.

"Well, he can be naughty." my mom intoned. "He has a teeny, little bit of a temper." Yes, that is how I think of Armani too. He has the fire of the Trakehner and the bull of the Morgan.

Did I install the "easy button"? He still has a temper. But perhaps I see the most of it because I'm with him the most. Maybe years of work are more apparent to someone trying him for the first time. Do I need to raise my expectations? As an owner, do your horses mature faster than you realize?


allhorsestuff said...

That really made me laugh! I am so glad that occured for your enjoyment and realization!
My mare, I am still patiently working with...

Grey Horse Matters said...

Can I borrow that easy button? I'm of the opinion that our horses are always better behaved when someone else rides them. Case in point I don't ride Blue often, but when I do he is a perfect gentleman and never gives me any trouble, my daughter who rides him all the time(and who is a much better rider/trainer than I could ever hope to be) gets the brunt of his temper/grumpiness.

A Bay Horse said...

That's a really good point, GHM. I think the same thing applies to spouses too. I know I'm guilty of letting out pent up grumpiness around my husband just because he is always around.

Cat said...

Haha I'd like to borrow that button too :) Sounds like you've been doing a good job then - it is often hard to see the results when you are the one riding them every day, but I think having someone else ride them can be a bit of reality check. And in your case, a good one - you've been reminded how far you have come. Take it as a compliment, you're obviously doing well :)


Chris said...

I'm with GHM... I cop a lot of crap from my temperamental boy but he knows straight away when a friend with lesser experience or someone of the like is on and behaves like a gentleman!

Then again, when someone more experienced than myself hops on, sometimes they have an even more lovely ride as they are able to better communicate their wishes to my boy.

It is lovely to be able to see someone else think so highly of your horse, enjoy! :D