Monday, November 10, 2008

I'll have what she's having.

I'm sure most pet owners out there can relate. Everything I eat is delicious. A couple evenings ago, I brought a pastrami on rye to the barn. I rode Armani first. Then I thought I'd have a little snack while I groomed Huey.

"Mmm!" said Huey. I always give Huey treats at chest level. So he stuck his muzzle to his chest and nickered, "Mmm MMMM!"

"Huey, you are a vegetarian." I tried to explain.
"Uh uh. Mmm!" Huey insisted.

I presented Huey with a tiny corner of my sandwich. "Huey, you'll see. We've been over this before." He slurped it greedily. Then he paused and thought. Then he opened his mouth wide and vigorously shook the sandwich out. "I told you. You are a vegetarian." I went back to eating my sandwich.

Huey put on his "cute" face made big eyes at me. "Mmm! MMM!" said Huey. So I got Huey an apple instead.

Later that evening, I ate a salad in front of the TV. Baby, my cat, pawed my leg, "Murrrph?"

"No, Baby. Kitties are carnivores."
"Murphle Muuuuurph?" I put a piece of lettuce on the floor. She sniffled it, shook her head and sniffed again. Then she snorted and pushed a magazine over it in disgust.

"I tried to tell you, Baby." I picked up the offensive lettuce and went back to eating my salad.
"Murph?" Baby asked. I sighed and took her to the kitchen for a treat.

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