Monday, September 22, 2008

Huey applies to be a Big Brother

Huey is working on his application to be a Big Brother. He spent the last week leading a couple of youngsters under saddle on trail rides over road and field. As fall rapidly turns toward winter (yes there are flurries by Halloween up here), we've been feeling the urge to do as much outdoor riding as we can. So I've been eagerly volunteering Huey as a "trail buddy" with my instructor and her young training charges.

Huey was unfazed by youthful exuberance. Actually, it was hard to motivate him to wake up and keep up the lead. The most exciting moment was when the instructor's big young gray had trouble figuring out how to walk down hill. He decided he might get on his knees and log-roll. Or it certainly looked like that was his plan. I gave Huey a click and he sleep-walked his way down the hill, sighing - or was that snoring? - as he stumbled along.


Chris said...

Eheheh, I'm curious... is he left hoofed or right hoofed? Or rather, did he have to have the pen in his mouth to fill in the application?

Grey Horse Matters said...

Huey sounds like a treasure. I'd like to have a horse like that just once.