Monday, October 19, 2009

"Things that are stressing me out." Or not so much. Part 1a: Armani is better

When Armani went lame suddenly, as advised by a reader, I told myself, "Our show season is done."

Armani's mysterious lameness dissapeared after a week and a half, without any abcess. I've accepted that it was a mild stone bruise. And I recognize that it probably did not cause any lasting damage. Although, as a sort of "mommy" I find I always have nagging doubts. No question it'll be worse when I have actual children.

We missed the last Dartmouth hunter/jumper show of the season. I was sorely dissapointed because we both had enjoy that series. I waited a good few weeks for him to feel consistently sound. I was happy that we managed to snag the last CVDA show of the year. And it was a good end to the season.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that the mystery lameness got better and that your season ended on a good note!

Grey Horse Matters said...

These 'children' of ours are enough to give us ulcers. It's good to hear that he's sound now. It's a shame you missed one of your favorite shows, but it's always better to give them the time they need to heal. There's always next year and you did end the season with a nice show.